Fusion Ventures comprises a team of professionals based in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area. The firm is personally led by Lee Piccoli with support from Sebastien Koechli and the Fusion Ventures team.

Lee Piccoli

Founder & CEO

Lee Piccoli is Chief Executive Officer of Fusion Ventures. Mr. Piccoli is also the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Fusion Homes. Fusion Homes is a leading large-volume builder of low- and high-rise residential homes and a prominent land developer in Southwestern Ontario. Since 1999, Mr. Piccoli has grown Fusion Homes from the ground up, steering the company to its current position as a progressive and dynamic firm with revenue in excess of $200 million and a staff of 125 dedicated individuals.

Given the success and rapid growth of Fusion Homes, Mr. Piccoli’s vision is to build a portfolio company which supports strong stand-alone firms. The intent of the Fusion Ventures team is to acquire or invest in companies that drive leading brands in their industry, while maintaining a pervasive customer-orientated culture led by passionate, gifted executives.

Sebastien Koechli

Director, Mergers & Acquisitions

Sebastien Koechli is Director, Merger & Acquisitions at Fusion Ventures, where he leads the investment activities of the firm. Mr. Koechli is responsible for sourcing and structuring new investments, and managing portfolio companies. Mr. Koechli has over 15 years of experience in private equity investing, M&A, and corporate finance in Canada and internationally across a broad range of industries. Prior to joining Fusion Ventures, he held various roles in Europe and North America ranging from Managing Director of a private investment firm to Deputy Head of Securities for a global private banking and asset management group. Mr. Koechli holds a BA and MSc in Finance and Management from HEC Lausanne.