Who We Are

Fusion Ventures is a sector-focused private investment firm grounded in a history of rapid growth, track record for excellence, and deeply rooted core values. We are active investors and believe in bringing operational expertise to assist in long term growth. We target investments where we can leverage our industry and operating experience to improve companies’ strategic positioning, operational execution, growth, and profitability. We provide capital where our experience aids in that value creation, working with entrepreneurial leaders who are driven to bring their business to the next level.

Fusion Ventures is fully funded internally with patient long-term capital and a strong growth orientation. There is no mandate to wind-up a specific fund or divest of an acquisition. Therefore, we do not have the traditional private equity limitations and are able to invest on a long-term horizon with flexibility as majority equity or preferred minority. We are passionate about taking companies to the next level through sound strategic thinking, focused execution, and a compelling client-oriented vision, all within a strong value based corporate culture.